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Who Is Liable in a Self-Driving Car Accident?


Who Is Liable in a Self-Driving Car Accident?

April 25, 2023 Car Accidents

Self-driving cars—also called autonomous vehicles—are cars that don’t require an active driver to operate them. While this emerging trend is promising for the future of the automotive industry, it does pose some difficulties.

For example, who is liable for damages caused by a self-driving car in an accident?…

Steps to Take After a Rear-End Car Accident in Phoenix

April 3, 2023 Car Accidents

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, rear-end crashes are the most common type of car accident statewide. Knowing what steps to take before you get into a motor vehicle crash is key to keeping all your bases covered. It will save you time and money in the long run.…

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents: Causes, Symptoms, and Liability

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, a minimum of 2.8 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries annually. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur due to severe impact during a car accident. This sudden impact can cause a passenger’s brain to sustain mild, moderate, or severe damages that may be life-threatening.…

What Damages Can I Collect for a Car Accident?

March 7, 2023 Car Accidents

One minute you’re commuting to or from the office, then suddenly your car gets rear-ended. This scenario happens to countless people around Arizona daily, yet not everyone involved in an accident knows what kind of damage they can collect. Compensation from a car accident can go far beyond getting repairs for your vehicle.…

Distracted Driving and Pedestrian Accidents

Taking your attention away from the road and your surroundings can be fatal. Thousands of pedestrians are victims of deadly distracted driving cases every year. Whether it’s responding to a text, drivers talking on the phone, or applying makeup—it can always wait.…

Importance of Witness Statements in Car Accident Cases

February 6, 2023 Car Accidents

If you’re in a car accident, collecting witness information could be a major key to winning your car accident case. A witness’s statement can support several aspects of your claim. What a witness or witnesses saw can help clear up exactly what happened and who was at fault.…

Punitive Damages: What You Should Know

December 13, 2022 Personal injury

When another person’s reckless or negligent actions caused an injury to you or a loved one, you may be entitled to punitive damages as part of your settlement. Punitive damages are court-ordered payments the guilty party must pay in addition to compensatory damages.…

Motor Vehicle Wrongful Death Lawsuit: What You Should Know

November 14, 2022 Car Accidents,Wrongful Death

When a car ride turns deadly due to another party’s negligence, it’s hard to move on or know what to do. Between the grief, injuries, and damages, you could be left wondering how you’re going to get through it. One path you should at least consider taking is a wrongful death lawsuit.…

What To Do if You Are in an Out-of-State Car Accident

November 7, 2022 Car Accidents

Whether you’re on a road trip, a business trip, or passing through another state, an out-of-state car accident can be a nightmare. No matter where they happen, a car accident may leave you or passengers harmed and your car damaged. But when it happens in unfamiliar territory, it may make it even more difficult to know what to do to get fairly compensated.…

Everything You Need to Know About Uber Accident Settlement

September 12, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal injury

Gone are the days of hailing a taxi cab to move around town. Instead, millions of Americans are choosing ride-share companies (like Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft) for everyday transportation. While this new-age method of transit is affordable, immediate, and personal, it makes determining the liability of a ride-share vehicle collision complex.…

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