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Shapiro Scholarship

Shapiro Scholarship

*Our Scholarship program is currently on hold due to the current circumstances in the country.  We will resume as soon as possible*

David Shapiro Law is proud to partner with the Motovate App to offer our third exciting scholarship contest for high school students from the greater Phoenix area and college students who attend one of our local colleges or who maintain a permanent address in the greater Phoenix metro.

It is so simple – click here to register for the contest, download the Motovate App, and then use it to track all of your distraction-free driving. Every time you drive without using your cell phone you are entered into the drawing for a chance to win a $10,000 Scholarship!  The more trips you make distraction-free, the more entries you get, it’s that simple.  The contest will start April 1st during “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” and ends November 1st.

At David Shapiro Law, we frequently see clients suffering from the devastating effects of distracted driving in our community. It is an epidemic in our society, especially among our youth.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers who are 20 years of age or younger have the highest proportion of fatal crashes related to distracted driving. They also account for the highest percentage of drivers who were distracted by their cell phone at the time of the crash. Every car crash, whether it is fatal or not, has many consequences for all parties involved.

Our law firm is very passionate about helping teen drivers make the right choices for their safety and for the safety of others. We believe that actively encouraging our youth to make good choices in their actions is more powerful with a tool that rewards positive behavior. Teens typically exhibit good behavior in return for a reward rather than to avoid a negative consequence.

Motovate is an incentive-based distracted driving prevention app. While anyone can sponsor an incentive, we have decided that offering a $10,000 scholarship to one student in the Phoenix market would make our roads safer. What better way to overcome your FOMO while driving, than by getting a chance to win $10,000?


Past winners of our $5,000 scholarships include:

Timotea Garcia-Mendez – 2019 Spring Scholarship winner.








Kyler Pete Quaempts – 2019 Fall Scholarship winner.

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