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Rideshare Driver, Two Passengers Hit & Killed By Driver of Stolen Vehicle.
Who Is Financially Liable?

Customarily, the at-fault driver’s insurance is responsible for all injuries. However, in the clip to the left, a stolen vehicle collided with the ride-share driver’s car. Due to the at-fault driver operating a vehicle that wasn’t theirs, the victims' families didn’t know who was financially liable.

When interviewed, David Shapiro stated, “Stolen vehicles have no applicable insurance.” Since the ride-share driver was not at fault, the company isn’t liable. While the driver may have liability insurance, the ride-share passengers do not.

Unfortunately, some health insurance companies won’t cover expenses associated with this type of accident. For compensation, Mr. Shapiro emphasizes the importance of frequent rideshare users having both UM (uninsured motor insurance) and UIM (underinsured motor insurance) on a personal policy to cover damages and losses.

If you’re involved in a ride-share auto collision, contact Shapiro Law Team for help securing financial compensation.