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Scottsdale Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Scottsdale Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spine injuries can happen in many different accidents in Arizona, including falls and car crashes. An injury to the spinal cord could result in serious damages, from a herniated disk to permanent paralysis. At Shapiro Law Team, our plaintiff’s attorneys advocate for the rights of victims with spinal cord injuries. We can go up against any defendant, big or small, in pursuit of financial compensation. If you or a loved one has a spinal cord injury, please contact our Scottsdale law office today to request a free consultation.

Why You Should Choose David Shapiro

  • We work hard to ensure not only financial recoveries for our clients but also success for them physically and emotionally. We care about the future of our clients.
  • We know how to obtain maximum compensation for our clients through proven legal strategies. Our litigators can take cases to trial in Maricopa County, if necessary.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis to keep our fees affordable. You will not pay David Shapiro a cent unless he succeeds in obtaining compensation on your behalf.

When Can You File a Claim for a Spine Injury?

A spinal cord injury could give you the right to file a claim to compensation in Arizona if one or more parties were responsible for the accident that caused your injury. If you have evidence proving someone else caused your injury through neglect, abuse, or recklessness, that party may owe you compensation for your related damages. Filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit allows you to pursue money damages from the at-fault party. You must file your claim within two years of your accident, however, to stay within Arizona’s statute of limitations.

Many Spinal Cord Injuries Come From Negligence

Many causes of spinal cord injuries relate to the negligence or carelessness of a party. They include motor vehicle accidents, falls, acts of violence, sports and diving accidents, work accidents, product defects, explosions, and medical malpractice. At Shapiro Law Team, we are passionate about shedding light on negligence in the Scottsdale community. We advocate on behalf of spinal cord injury survivors in the hopes of not only obtaining them compensation but also creating safer futures for others. We can investigate your accident and injury to determine causation. Then, we can aggressively go up against one or multiple defendants on your behalf for spine injury compensation.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a complex column of nerves, discs, and vertebrae. It is a critical part of the body that is responsible for sending messages from the brain that control function and sensation. The spine can sustain injuries in many different ways – all of which could have different effects on the victim. Victims can recover from some spine injuries, while others will inflict permanent and irreversible damage.

  • Spinal concussion
  • Slipped disk
  • Herniated or ruptured disk
  • Incomplete spine injury
  • Complete spine injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Severed spine
  • Paraplegia
  • Triplegia
  • Quadriplegia

Attorney David Shapiro has the experience and resources to handle any type of spine injury lawsuit in Scottsdale. He knows how to navigate these cases for fair and full compensation based on the specific type of injury and how it has impacted the victim. If you or a loved one has a catastrophic spinal cord injury, our lawyers can fight for full compensation for your past and future damages.

Contact a Scottsdale, Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Today

If you have grounds to file a spinal cord injury claim in Scottsdale, an attorney from Shapiro Law Team can help you with all the legal processes that will come with the pursuit of compensation. If your claim cannot successfully settle, our lawyers can take it to trial instead. Contact us as soon as possible about your accident and back injury. We can answer your questions and concerns during a free consultation at our conveniently located local law office. You may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, disabilities, pain and suffering, and more. Call (480) 300-5405 to schedule your meeting today.

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