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Scottsdale Surgical Error Attorney

Scottsdale Surgical Error Attorney

Surgeons are some of the best and brightest of the medical profession, but they can still make mistakes. There are risks every time they operate, but if there is no additional injury, then there is no medical malpractice. Unfortunately, a simple procedure to remove an appendix can suddenly become a life-changing mistake because you are now suffering from nerve damage.

We handle all types of medical malpractice disputes at Shapiro Law Team, including severe ones like a surgical error. We sit down with you during the initial consultation to discuss the details of your case as well as your expectations. We then conduct our own line of investigation and consult with other surgeons to determine if there was a mistake, whether it was preventable and whether it resulted in an injury deserving of compensation. If our team agrees, we devise an effective strategy for getting the personal injury compensation you deserve for the pain and injury you have suffered.

Examples Of Surgical Errors

Common examples of mistakes made during surgery include:

  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient
  • Injuring the spinal cord or a nerve during surgery
  • Muscle damage
  • Administering an improper amount or type of anesthesia

What Leads to Surgical Errors?

Human error is unavoidable, but here are some examples of negligence that can lead to surgical errors:

  • Incompetence: The surgeon may not have experience with your procedure or did not properly plan the surgical procedure.
  • Fatigue: Doctors work long hours that can create fatigue.
  • Poor communication: The surgeon may have not informed the staff of the requirements of the procedure.
  • Alcohol or drugs: Medical professionals can also have chemical dependency issues.

Speak With An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Contact us to discuss your surgery-related injuries with a lawyer. You can call our office at (480) 300-5405 or use our Contact page. We serve clients here in Scottsdale as well as the surrounding areas of Arizona. We offer free Initial consultations and only charge a fee if we win your case.

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