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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, Arizona

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, Arizona

Shapiro Law Team May 23, 2024 Car Accidents,Personal injury

As an Arizona driver, it’s important to be cognizant of the areas you drive through. Where are you more at risk of a crash? What intersections should you avoid if you could help it? What should you do if you are in a crash?

Read on to find out and be an informed Arizona driver. In the meantime, if you or a loved one has been hurt in a collision, contact us. Shapiro Law Team is here to help you navigate the complexities and the aftermath of a bad intersection collision. We offer free consultations and 24/7 support.

Arizona Crash and ADOT Traffic Accidents Facts

If you are a driver in Arizona, you know that driving on the roads and highways can be stressful. According to a study done by Forbes, Arizona is one of the top ten worst states to drive in because of dangerous drivers. On a list of ten, Arizona comes in at number eight.

It’s important to know the facts. Here are other things to know about Arizona’s roads:

  • The Maricopa County Association of Governments has shown that the 10 deadliest intersections in Arizona are all in Phoenix
  • Most dangerous intersections are in the West Valley, by Glendale
  • There are over 125,000 vehicle crashes in Arizona every year

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Why Are Intersections Dangerous?

A big reason why intersections are so dangerous is because of human error—someone fails to slow down in time, someone runs a red light, other traffic signals are not obeyed properly, or people don’t yield to traffic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 96% of intersection crashes are due to driver error. Two types of error can make intersections dangerous, and even deadly:

Recognition Error

Recognition error is when a driver or pedestrian fails to pay attention to all surroundings and traffic signals, or encounters distractions and fails to look properly before going through the intersection.

Decision Error

Decision error, which about 29% of crashes were caused by, is when people turn without signaling, erratically merge into lanes, force through a small gap in oncoming traffic, or, and perhaps one of the biggest causes, when someone is waiting to turn left at a light and they turn left once the light is red. Running red lights or yellow lights can also cause collisions.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, AZ

  • 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix – 411 crashes
  • 67th Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 251 crashes
  • 75th Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix – 249 crashes
  • 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix – 263 crashes
  • 75th Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 232 crashes
  • 27th Avenue and Camelback Road, Phoenix – 210 crashes
  • 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, Phoenix – 200 crashes
  • 35th Avenue and Glendale Avenue, Phoenix – 194 crashes
  • 51st Avenue and Camelback Road, Glendale – 201 crashes
  • 51st Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 202 crashes

Some of the Most Dangerous Roads in Phoenix

According to data, some of the most dangerous roads in Phoenix are the following:

  • Camelback Road
  • Bethany Home Road
  • Glendale Avenue
  • McDowell Road

It is also important to consider that all dangerously ranked intersections occur on the avenues of Phoenix, not on streets. Most dangerous intersections are to the West of Central Ave.

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How to Avoid Becoming Part of Intersection Crash Statistics

Avoid becoming a statistic and stay safe on the road with these seven tips to drive safely in intersections.

  • Relax and stay calm. Many crashes are caused by road rage. If someone cuts you off or is driving recklessly, take a breath and focus on de-escalating the solution. Yes, some people drive recklessly, but it is not worth the risk of driving recklessly with them to prove a point.
  • Slow down at intersections. Because intersections are notorious for crashes and people rushing to beat the red light, exercise caution and don’t speed up at intersections. Either stay on the pace you are at or slow down, especially if you see a yellow light.
  • Think of the yellow light as a red one. Not making a yellow light can be frustrating, but train yourself to think of it as a red one. Many crashes happen during yellow lights—a driver might think the opposing driver is slowing down since it’s a yellow, but they could very well be trying to make it. The result is a left turn that turns into a crash.
  • Stay in your lane. Staying in the lane you choose unless you absolutely need to change lanes can help keep you and other drivers on the road safe.
  • Use your turn signals. Using turn signals helps prevent confusion, anger, and danger. When you use your turn signals, you are giving others around you a heads-up as to what you are going to do next. This helps everyone be informed, stay aware, and prevent crashes. For example, if you are turning and indicate it, the person behind you has no time to slow down when you turn because they didn’t know you were going to. This could cause a bad rear-end collision.
  • Try to avoid distractions. No one is immune to distractions. But limiting them can help you stay safe. Don’t text or look at your phone, and try to keep your eyes on the road, and not on other surroundings. Even taking your eyes off the road for a split second could cause you to miss a turn, or someone else braking.
  • Be extra cautious at intersections. Knowing how dangerous intersections are, it’s in your best interest to be extra vigilant at intersections. Many people won’t follow the rules, which is why it’s important to take stock of your surroundings. Never assume it is safe to proceed at an intersection—look both ways and be careful.
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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix, Arizona

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