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Who’s Liable in a Ridesharing Accident in Scottsdale?

Who’s Liable in a Ridesharing Accident in Scottsdale?

shapiro.admin March 31, 2021 Car Accidents

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are household names at this point. What once seemed like a strange concept, calling a stranger to come pick you up in their personal vehicle, is no longer strange. However, what happens if a vehicle accident occurs involving a rideshare vehicle in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Any person involved in a rideshare accident should speak to an attorney as soon as possible. It is crucial for any victim in these cases to be able to secure compensation for their losses, but determining liability can be challenging. Here, we want to talk about who may be held liable after a rideshare accident occurs in Scottsdale.

Rideshare Crashes are Going to Occur

There are no exact statistics related to how many rideshare accidents occur each year in Arizona. Because these are personal vehicles (they are not classified as commercial vehicles in this state), the data is all lumped in with other accident statistics. However, rideshare drivers are just like anyone else and just as likely to be involved in a crash as any other driver on Arizona roadways.

Determining Fault After a Rideshare Crash in Scottsdale

Determining fault after a rideshare crash anywhere in Arizona is going to happen just like any other vehicle accident. Various types of evidence will be gathered that can help show which party is to blame for the incident. Some of the evidence gathered in these cases can include:

  • Photo or video surveillance of the incident
  • Mobile device data
  • Vehicle “black box” data
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • Statements from other drivers or passengers involved
  • The police report

Unfortunately, significant complications can arise when it comes to receiving payment for a claim if it is determined that the rideshare driver caused the crash.

The Tiered Insurance System if the Rideshare Driver is At-Fault

When a rideshare driver causes a crash, we will find that the insurance system in these situations is handled on a tiered basis. What we mean by this is that the driver’s status at the time of the crash plays a major role in what type of insurance coverage is available.

  • If a driver is off duty when they cause a crash, then their personal insurance carrier will be responsible for covering damages for any other party involved.
  • If a driver is signed into the rideshare app to work but does not yet have a passenger and is not on the way to pick up a passenger up, their personal insurance carrier will still be primarily responsible if they cause a crash. Both Uber and Lyft will provide limited coverage if the personal carrier denies the claim or if the limits of the personal policy are exhausted.
  • If a driver is signed into the app to work and has a passenger, or is on the way to pick a passenger up, then Uber and Lyft both have $1 million insurance policies that are supposed to kick in and cover every party involved.

Sorting through all of this is going to require assistance from a skilled Scottsdale car accident attorney. An attorney will be able to gather all the evidence related to the case, fully analyze all of the insurance policies involved, and handle negotiations with other parties to ensure their client is treated fairly.

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