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Everything You Need to Know About Uber Accident Settlement

Everything You Need to Know About Uber Accident Settlement

Shapiro Law Team September 12, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal injury

Gone are the days of hailing a taxi cab to move around town. Instead, millions of Americans are choosing ride-share companies (like Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft) for everyday transportation. While this new-age method of transit is affordable, immediate, and personal, it makes determining the liability of a ride-share vehicle collision complex.

If you’re involved in a ride-sharing car accident, you may not know what to do. For peace of mind during a chaotic ride-sharing accident, check out the information below.

Who Can Be Liable in a Rideshare Car Accident?

Whether you’re a rideshare passenger, driver, the rideshare company, or the driver of a car that collides with a rideshare vehicle, liability depends on who’s at fault.

Proving negligence for a ride-share accident requires three things:

  1. The liable party owed a duty of reasonable care
  2. The negligent party breached that duty
  3. You were injured and suffered damages as a result of the other person’s breach

Does Uber or Lyft Carry Special Insurance?

Yes. Uber and Lyft provide $1 million worth of coverage per incident to those injured when a driver is picking up or dropping off passengers. A driver may also hold a ride-share policy, providing additional coverage.

How Uber and Lyft Liability Coverage Works

The driver who caused the accident is liable for damages.

Uber and Lyft both state they’re not liable for their drivers’ behavior, but some injury victims have successfully challenged and held ride-share companies responsible for their drivers’ actions.

Talk to an Arizona Uber or Lyft accident attorney like Shapiro Law Team about your case and whether the company can be deemed liable for their driver’s actions.


Steps to Take After an Uber or Lyft Accident

When you’re injured in a rideshare vehicle, treat it like a standard car collision. If you’re not sure what that entails, review the following steps.

Step 1: Check for Injuries

Examine yourself and other vehicle occupants for obvious or life-threatening injuries. If medical attention is needed, call 911 and request an ambulance. Don’t move anyone with a severe ailment. Wait for the authorities to arrive.

Step 2: Contact the Police

Contact the local authorities to get a detailed report of the incident. A police officer will speak to everyone involved and provide an in-depth summary of the ride-sharing accident. Don’t underestimate the power of a police report. It is an official and essential component of your injury settlement.

Step 3: Gather Potential Evidence

If you can, get the names and contact information of all passengers. If witnesses stop, it’s also a good idea to get their contact information. It may seem insignificant, but witness information and photos of damages are the type of evidence you’ll need to prove negligence.

Step 4: Report the Accident to the Ride-Share Company

Ride-share companies encourage riders and drivers to report any vehicle collisions immediately. After filling out an accident report document (via the website), expect a representative of that company to contact you.
Pro Tip: Consult an experienced personal injury attorney for ride-share accidents before speaking with a representative or insurance company.

Step 5: Write Down What Happened

As soon as you can, record everything you remember about the accident. If you have to explain what happened to an insurance adjuster or testify about the accident, these notes will be helpful.


If you were recently in an out-of-state car accident and can’t agree on a settlement or think you’re not getting fairly compensated, it’s time to lawyer up.
Learn more about What To Do If You Are In An Out-Of-State Car Accident.


How Long Do Uber Accident Settlements Take?

It’s difficult to determine how long an Uber accident settlement will take. Ride-share drivers are independent contractors, so it takes more time to find out what led to the collision.

The factors below will likely impact the timeline of your case:

  • Number of parties
  • Cooperation of all parties
  • Actions of the driver at the time of the accident
  • Severity of injuries

How Much Should I Expect My Uber Accident Settlement to Be?

Like all personal injury settlements, a ride-share accident settlement varies case by case. Three essential factors to consider when determining a settlement include:

  1. Who is at fault
  2. If there are serious injuries
  3. Available funds

Get Compensation After a Ride-Share Accident With Shapiro Law Team

If you’re a victim of a ride-share accident, you need to gather enough information to hold the liable party responsible for wrongdoing. Accomplishing this while recovering from your injuries is extremely difficult. Don’t waste another moment fighting this battle alone. Get in touch with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer from Shapiro Law Team. We have experience in ride-share accidents and deal with Uber and Lyft’s tricky insurance policies.

Call now to get a no-obligation, free consultation with a Shapiro Law Team. We’ll secure the justice you deserve.

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