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Can Semi-Truck Accidents Cause Spine Injuries?

Can Semi-Truck Accidents Cause Spine Injuries?

shapiro.admin September 29, 2021 Trucking Accidents

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Accidents involving large commercial trucks often result in severe injuries for those involved. This is especially true for those inside traditional passenger vehicles that may get caught up and these incidents. One of the most severe injuries that can occur in these situations is a spinal cord injury from truck. Here, we want to discuss why spinal cord injuries are more likely to occur in these types of crashes than other types of vehicle accidents. We also want to discuss the true cost of spinal cord injuries for victims.

Semi-Truck Accidents in Arizona Often Result in Severe Injuries

When we examined data available from the Arizona Department of Transportation, we can see that there were 1,481 total tractor-trailer accidents recorded across the state during the latest reporting year. Out of these incidents, there were 61 fatal crashes and 323 injury-causing crashes.

The reality is that large commercial trucks often result in severe injuries for those inside traditional passenger cars affected by the collision. A semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. A spinal cord injury can occur anytime a person’s body is jolted around as a result of a collision. In some cases, a spinal cord injury may be relatively minor and only involve a whiplash-type of injury. However, the brutal nature of a semi-truck crash often means that those involved sustained severe spinal cord trauma that results in some level of paralysis.

Spinal cord injury victims and their families will have to contend with significant expenses. Data available from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) shows us that the first year of medical care for a spinal cord injury can range anywhere from $380,000 to more than $1.1 million. Each additional year of medical care can range anywhere from $46,000 to more than $200,000.

However, medical bills are not the only expenses that semi-truck crash spinal cord injury victims have to contend with. Some of the other “hidden expenses” associated with these situations revolve around:

  • Lost income if a victim cannot work while they recover
  • Lost income of a family member who may have to become a caregiver
  • Property damage expenses
  • The costs of modifying homes or vehicles to aid with mobility
  • The costs of traveling to and from spinal cord injury specialists

We would be remiss if we did not talk about the unimaginable physical and emotional pain and suffering associated with these injuries. Spinal cord injury victims often can no longer participate in the same activities that they were able to before the injury occurred. Not only does this include work, but this also includes everyday activities like spending time with family, participating in hobbies, or even walking to the mailbox and back. There is no way to properly quantify how a spinal cord injury can affect a person’s life.

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