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Do This Before You Accept an Early Settlement Offer

Do This Before You Accept an Early Settlement Offer

Shapiro Law Team March 15, 2022 Personal injury

Insurance Claims and Settlement

When you’re injured in an auto collision due to the carelessness of another, you deserve justice. Despite both parties knowing who caused the physical incident, a proper investigation is required to receive a settlement; even then, the at-fault insurance company will attempt to lowball your compensation offer.

Ensure you receive a reasonable settlement with an experienced attorney. Shapiro Law Team litigators can help manage the complexities of filing an insurance claim and negotiating a settlement. Obtain the compensation you deserve with an adept car accident lawyer.

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Insurance Company Settlement Process

Following the file of your claim, insurance companies receive and investigate your case to determine what they believe to be a fair amount. Keep in mind the amount may not cover all costs or expenses.

To help you understand this process, we’ve listed a general overview below:

Interview the Victim

Accompanied by representation, you’ll answer questions about the incident. The insurance adjuster will then compare your version to the police report on file.

Beware of insurance companies contacting you to resolve your injury claim without your representation present. If they do, instruct them to speak directly to your attorney. Anything you say can be used against you.

Investigate the Victim

The insurance representative will check databases for a personal injury claim. She/he may even pull information from your medical history and social media accounts.

Investigate the Claim

The adjuster will gather information to make an initial offer.

Details regarding the investigation include:

  • Reexamining the accident scene
  • Looking at witness statements
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Verifying injuries from the accident

Estimate the Settlement Value

This process is all about proof. If evidence determines you were not at fault, the settlement value of your claim will be higher.

Present the Initial Offer

The insurance company may respond to a demand letter with an early settlement offer.


Assisted by litigation, you’ll determine if the amount offered is similar to what a judge would award you. If you’re not happy with the settlement offer, or it’s significantly lower than expected, your representation will negotiate for a higher settlement amount.

Settle the Claim

Once you, your lawyer, and the opposing counsel agree to an amount you will sign documentation as well as liability release forms before receiving your settlement funds.


early settlement offer

What Should I Say if a Settlement Offer Is Made?

Despite the excitement you feel from receiving an insurance settlement letter, it’s best to stay calm. With medical bills, repair costs, and other expenses piling up, the opposing insurance company is counting on you immediately accepting their offer.

If you receive an early settlement offer, be sure to consult a car crash attorney before signing. No matter what the opposing counsel says, verbal agreements aren’t legally binding and you don’t have to accept the offer right away.

You have the right to speak with an attorney before agreeing to anything. Take your time, discuss your options with a qualified attorney, and decide when to accept a settlement offer.

Things To Consider Before Accepting the Offer

Insurance companies negotiate car accident settlements regularly. For this reason, the amount of compensation you were offered is likely an under-market evaluation.

Before you decide to accept the offer presented, consider the following:

  • Does the amount provide full compensation for future damages?
  • Does it compensate for non-economic damages?
  • Have you negotiated?
  • Have you filed a lawsuit?
  • Have you hired a lawyer to review the document?
  • Is the offer better than going to trial?

Ultimately, insurance companies don’t care about your well-being. They aim to pay as little as possible and coerce you to sign a release form that prevents you from pursuing legal action in the future. Be sure to take your time to completely assess the settlement offer (including the fine print).

Receive Legal Help from a Qualified Accident Firm

Medical expenses, emotional trauma, and damages are all taken into account when reaching a settlement for your insurance claim. Don’t let an opposing insurance company short you from a fair offer. If you’re not sure what a reasonable settlement offer is, contact the experienced litigators at David Shapiro Law. Our services don’t require upfront fees or obligations. When you’re in a wreck because of another’s carelessness, trust the attorneys at Shapiro Law Team to fight for you.

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