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What to Do if You Are Hit by a Commercial Truck in Scottsdale?

What to Do if You Are Hit by a Commercial Truck in Scottsdale?

shapiro.admin December 23, 2020 Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks often result in severe injuries and even fatalities. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were nearly 2,000 total tractor-trailer accidents during the latest reporting year across the state. Additionally, accidents involving concrete trucks, dump trucks, tanker trucks, garbage trucks, and delivery trucks were also recorded during that same reporting year.

If you or somebody you care about is involved in an accident with a large commercial truck in Scottsdale, Arizona, there are various steps that you can take to help ensure the integrity of your personal injury claim. Here, we want to give a brief step by step overview of what you can do moving forward in these incidents. However, please seek assistance from a skilled commercial truck accident lawyer in Scottsdale who can walk you through the entire legal process.

Seek medical care

When a truck accident occurs, your first priority has to be to take care of yourself. If you or somebody you love a sustained injury, seek immediate medical treatment. Even if you were not seriously injured, you need to let a trained medical professional conduct an evaluation. Medical bills are a major part of a truck accident settlement process, but insurance carriers may deny a claim if you delay seeking treatment.

Report the incident to the police

The police need to be called to the scene of any commercial truck accident in Scottsdale. Law enforcement officials are responsible for conducting preliminary investigations into these incidents, and they often notate who they think was responsible for the crash. The accident report that the police fill out will be crucial when it comes to handling your insurance claim.

Get photos and other evidence if possible

If it is safe to do so at the scene of the crash, and if your injuries are not severe, you should try to gather as much evidence as possible. As soon as the scene is cleaned up, much of the evidence disappears. Using a phone or another device, you can take pictures of vehicle damage, injuries, debris, causes of the crash, weather conditions, traffic patterns, the name of the truck company, and more. Additionally, you should get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses so that they can provide testimony to insurance carriers or even during a personal injury trial.

Call your insurance company

You will need to report the truck crash to your insurance carrier as soon as possible. You need to share the basic details of the incident when you make your initial report, including where the crash happened, the names and insurance information of other drivers involved, and eyewitness contact information. You should only briefly describe what happened in the accident, but you do not have to go into detail. Even if you think you may have caused the accident, do not admit this to anybody. Limit your conversations with insurance carriers. In fact, you can refer any insurance claims adjuster that calls you to your attorney.

Seek assistance from an attorney

Truck accidents can become incredibly complex, and you need to consider working with a skilled truck accident lawyer who can help with your entire case. An attorney will have the resources necessary to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers and trucking companies. Attorneys will handle all communication with other parties on your behalf.

Continue all medical care

You need to continue all medical care until your doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement. This includes any follow-up visits, physical therapy and rehabilitation, the use of any mobility assistance devices, etc. If you discontinue treatment before a doctor releases you officially, the insurance carrier’s or at-fault parties may use this as a reason to deny your claim.

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