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Stay safe when riding a motor scooter

Stay safe when riding a motor scooter

shapiro.admin April 17, 2020 Firm News,Personal injury

While motor scooters are a fast and fun way to get around town, they also pose safety risks. Arizona categorizes a moped or motor scooter as a motorized bike with a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license, insurance and registration to operate this type of vehicle.

Protect yourself from a serious accident injury with these motor scooter safety tips.

Wear a helmet

The law requires drivers younger than 18 to wear a helmet when riding a motor scooter. Adult drivers can also protect themselves from serious head injury by wearing a properly fitting helmet. Look for a model with an approval sticker from the Department of Transportation. You should also choose a helmet with an eye shield or wear separate eye protection.

Choose your path carefully

While you can ride a motor scooter anywhere you can ride a bike, you must stay off roads with a top speed higher than the top speed for your vehicle. Because motor scooters do not exceed 25 miles per hour, they may travel on residential streets, sidewalks and bike paths only. As when riding a bicycle, always yield to pedestrians.

Stay visible

Brightly colored clothing or reflective tape increases the chances that drivers will see you coming. If you ride after dark, your motor scooter should have properly working headlights and taillights.

Practice your technique

If you are new to riding a motor scooter, get plenty of practice in a safe, quiet place. Always apply both the front and rear brakes at the same time. Use firm but gentle pressure to stop effectively without causing the brakes to lock. When turning the bike, keep a steady speed and gently, smoothly lean to the left or right.

If another driver causes an accident with your motor scooter and you suffer a serious injury, you may be eligible for legal damages. In Arizona, you must file this type of case within two years of the incident.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to talk to our Scottsdale car accident attorney.

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