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Insurance companies are not your friends

Insurance companies are not your friends

shapiro.admin July 24, 2019 Firm News

When you purchase car insurance, the friendliness of your insurance agent may be refreshing. You may feel that an insurance company would advocate for your wellbeing if you ever needed to file a claim. Unfortunately, the truth is that insurance companies are businesses.

Like any business, their purpose is to make a profit, and this may not happen if an insurer approves every claim it receives. It is important that you know your rights and how to deal with Arizona insurance companies if you are in an accident.

Friendliness is a tactic to catch you off guard

If you believe an insurance company representative is looking out for your best interests, you may be more willing to talk without inhibitions. This can be devastating to your claim since anything you say may come back against you. If you must deal with an insurance adjuster after an accident, keep these things in mind:

  • You do not have to answer questions about your injuries, especially if you have not yet seen a doctor. You should also be careful not to say you feel fine.
  • If the insurer asks for a written statement, you are wise to refuse. Writing things down makes them permanent, and you may accidentally provide evidence that will damage your case.
  • The same is true for recorded statements. You never have to allow an adjuster to record your conversations.
  • If an insurance adjuster asks you about your accident, it is best to keep your answers short and respond only to the direct questions the agent asks. If you start to chat because you feel nervous, you may say too much.
  • Never exaggerate or make up answers if you are unsure.
  • Be aware that the insurance adjuster may pressure you into accepting a settlement quickly.

There are many reasons for refusing the first offer an insurance company makes, especially if you suffered injuries in an accident. First, you may not yet know the full extent of your injuries. Second, you may not know how much the treatment for those injuries will cost in the long run. Accepting a settlement means you cannot ask for more if your injuries are more serious than you thought.

In fact, it is often a good idea to allow your attorney to deal with the insurance company. He or she may have far more experience handling the tactics of insurance adjusters. With skilled legal assistance, you may have greater success maximizing compensation for your injuries.

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