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Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents

Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents

shapiro.admin May 30, 2019 Car Accidents,Firm News

Every two years, the numbers of vehicle crashes are released by the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data is complied and analyzed based on the type of collision and the locations where car accidents occurred. The report highlights the most hazardous intersections with an objective of reducing these numbers in the future.

Though the overall population has increased substantially, the accident rate per 1,000 residents decreased slightly. An increase in fatal accidents has lead to city officials accepting a grant to purchase an aerial mapping system for accident reconstruction. The new system will reduce the time that a road will be closed to complete an investigation, easing congestion for area motorists.

Though the report seeks to identify the most problematic intersections within the city, officials deny that increased traffic leads to an increase in accidents. Furthermore, officials claim driver habits play a significant role. There are efforts underway to draft new laws to address the issue of distracted drivers.

Other measures have been implemented to help improve the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. Timing adjustments give pedestrians more time to cross a street before traffic starts moving, and other signal adjustments are improving traffic flow. Roundabouts have effectively lowered the rate of crashes in those intersections where they have been constructed. Additionally, roundabouts reduce the severity of injuries when an accident occurs, most likely a result of the reduced speed required to navigate these features.

The latest data on Scottsdale, Arizona, car accidents for 2016-2018 will be released in the fall. According to the data, while fatalities from vehicle collisions are relatively low, victims who are injured in pedestrian or bicycle accidents do not fare as well, with several victims suffering either fatal or incapacitating injuries. Those who are injured — or lost a loved one — as a result of negligence on the part of another party may have a basis for seeking recovery of their monetary damages through a civil lawsuit.

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