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Disaster can strike with even a moment of driver inattention

Disaster can strike with even a moment of driver inattention

shapiro.admin December 6, 2018 Firm News

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a motor vehicle accident can occur, and each incident runs the unfortunate risk of posing a major threat to your safety. As you travel along Arizona roads, you may place a high priority on remaining alert and aware of your surroundings, but can you always expect others to do the same?

You can only control so much of what takes place on the road, and other drivers might not place the same value on your safety as you. Should you encounter a distracted driver, you may have little time to react and avoid collision, and you could be the one who suffers the consequences.

Common driver-related distractions

When you take your eyes off the road for as little as a moment or two, your vehicle can travel several hundred feet in virtually any direction. Unfortunately, two seconds is more than enough time for disaster to strike, and some of the most prevalent distractions among drivers can include:

  • Electronics: You may be hard-pressed to find a driver who doesn’t have a cell phone, and those who talk on the phone or text while driving are inherently less capable of safely operating a vehicle.
  • Driver mood: Studies suggest that your mood can also affect your ability to drive, and operating a vehicle while sad or angry could make you more susceptible to distraction.
  • Radio influence: Turning up the radio to sing along with your favorite song may seem harmless. However, as you reach for the dial, you may take your eyes off the road for only a moment, and that moment could be all it takes.
  • Passengers: Passenger interaction is another common form of distraction, and paying attention to the kids or the family pet can cause you to take your attention off the task at hand.

While knowing the causes of distraction can be beneficial, being able to spot the signs of a distracted driver in time to avoid a potential disaster can be somewhat more challenging.

When disaster strikes

Distracted driving accidents can have catastrophic consequences, and if another party’s negligence leaves you with serious injuries, you might be wondering about the next steps to take. You could choose to speak with someone with experience in the area for guidance on your available legal avenues and what to expect from the process. By obtaining guidance early on, you could become better prepared to pursue the restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim against the party deemed responsible.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to talk to our Scottsdale car accident lawyer.

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