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Horrific scooter injuries on the rise

Horrific scooter injuries on the rise

shapiro.admin October 30, 2018 Firm News

You have your own reasons for renting or purchasing an electric scooter. Perhaps they simply look like a fun way to get where you need to, or you feel you finally found a way to contribute to a cleaner environment. However, if you are among the rising number of Arizona scooter riders who have suffered serious or critical injuries, you may now be wondering if you made the right choice.

E-scooters, as a mode of transportation, are growing in popularity, not just among young people, but also professionals of all ages. Unfortunately, incidents of injury and death associated with these two-wheeled vehicles are also on the rise.

Who is to blame?

Manufacturers and companies that rent e-scooters are under pressure lately as reports of brutal injuries continue to mount. Some riders feel the manufacturers do not take the dangers very seriously. For example, scooter rentals offer little to no training for those riding for the first time. Most riders do not use helmets or other safety gear since they do not travel very fast on their scooters. Nevertheless, more scooter riders are coming to emergency rooms with traumatic head injuries.

You may have experienced injuries of your own while riding your scooter. Perhaps you quickly realized that the low profile of your scooter makes it difficult for other drivers to see you. You may have had numerous near-misses or ended up in the back of an ambulance when another vehicle failed to stop before striking you.

Poorly made

In addition to the dangers of riding among traffic, you may have had trouble with the scooter itself. Some riders who suffered serious injuries report experiencing defects that left them helpless, including:

  • Poor design, creating instability that makes it difficult to stay on the scooter after hitting bumps
  • Rapid acceleration that catches new riders off guard
  • Throttles that stick
  • Brakes that fail

While there is not yet much data regarding scooter injuries, estimates reveal that about 40 percent of scooter accidents involve head and neck injuries, while others suffer from broken bones, lacerations and internal injuries.

More victims of scooter accidents are taking legal action against the manufacturers and those businesses that rent scooters without requiring training or taking safety precautions. Since scooters are new, there is very little regulation, and your insurance may not fully cover your injuries. Seeking compensation in other ways may be an alternative to investigate.

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