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Remaining safety conscious may not always protect motorcyclists

Remaining safety conscious may not always protect motorcyclists

shapiro.admin September 6, 2018 Firm News,Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you understand that you are at greater risk of injury in the event of an accident than individuals in larger vehicles are. Still, that does not mean that you do not deserve the same respect and consideration as other travelers. In fact, drivers should remain more conscious of your presence on the road in hopes of keeping everyone safe.

Of course, you likely know that other drivers are not as conscientious as you would hope. You may even have had your fair share of narrow escapes while on the road. As a result, you certainly want to make sure that you do everything you can to help yourself remain safe while traveling.

Your gear

What you wear while riding can make a considerable difference in your level of safety on the road. While Arizona law does not require you to wear a helmet if you are over the age of 18, it may still be in your best interests to do so. Protecting your head could help prevent or lessen the severity of injuries. Additionally, you may even want to pay attention to your clothing. Leather can act as a protective material against road rash in the event that your motorcycle overturns and skids.

It may also benefit you to wear items made of reflective materials or to put reflective tape on your clothes and helmet to make it easier for drivers to spot you.

Defensive driving

Again, while you may hope that other drivers will stay on the lookout for you and other motorcyclists, they often do not. As a result, you need to remain defensive while on the road. Staying out of vehicle blind spots, scanning ahead for hazards and remaining undistracted can help you stay alert to potentially dangerous situations that could befall you.

Suffering injuries

No matter how vigilant you are about motorcycle safety, you could still suffer serious injuries because of someone else’s reckless or negligent actions. While some people may claim that you should have recognized the dangers of riding a motorcycle, you still have the right to seek compensation for damages caused by another driver. Filing a personal injury claim may help you pursue that restitution, and having a legal advocate on your side may allow you better fight against any naysayers.

The injuries you suffer in a motorcycle accident can be life changing, and you do not have to accept less compensation than you deserve.

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